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Tournaments Starcraft II - "Pandaria-Wars Tournament"

A. General Organization of "Pandaria-Wars Tournament".
B. Rules.
C. Configuration.
D. Maps Rules.
E. Players and observers.
F. Tournament.
G. Requests.

A. General Organization of "Pandaria-Wars Tournament".

A.1 The tournament "Pandaria-Wars Tournament" is a Starcraft II 1on1 tournament which is played in a single elimination (Best Of 1) until the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the final are played in a "Best Of 3".
A.2 To participate, it is enough to have a valid key and to indicate his pseudo InGame ( xxxx.xxxx ) in the profile.
A.3 Only the participants who can connect to the European server will be accepted.
A.4 The numbers of players will be given in the news, in general we will accept 64 players in a single elimination.
A.5 The phase of registration takes place before Saturday, 3:00 pm, the phase of check-in takes place from 2 pm till 3 pm, the tournament beginning at 3:00 pm.
A.6 Every player who does not appear at the hour planned to play his match will be withdrawn.
A.7 The players who will be "Walk Over" or "disqualified" will see taking a penalty of 15 days without playing.
A.8 Smurfs will not be authorized, every player using a smurf will see itself disqualified and will take a penalty of 1 month without playing.
A.9 Quite broken in the regulation can engender the disqualification of the player. Every participant makes a commitment to respect all the conditions of this regulation.

B. Rules.

B.1Every match sets a player against the other one according to the structure of tournament, the 1st map of which will be given onto the site.
B.2 If the match is interrupted by an external factor, the match must be replayed, except when one of the administrators considers that one of the players had widely the advantage (as the number of mines, units, etc.).
B.3 A player will be NECESSARILY on the given chan 10 min before the beginning of the tournament at most, to validate his presence. In case of breach, it will be possible to replace his players as soon as the admin will have given the green light (approximately 10min after the start of the tournament). The present players will have to indicate that their opponent aren't connected.
B.4 A failed player can exercise no appeal with an admin about is the reason of its absence.
B.5 The games will be made over a period of the afternoon. Finale maybe postponed if the admin authorizes it.

C. Configuration.

C.1The version of Starcraft II has to be the last bnet version.
C.2 The options must be :
- Speed : Very Fast
- Observers : (cf : E.2)
C.3 The use of hotkeys will be authorized (as soon as a software will be given to settle them).
C.4 The games are played in "no rules".
C.5 The maphack, as well as any forms of cheating are strictly forbidden and liable to appropriate penalties.

D. Maps Rules.

D.1The only authorized maps are the ones of
D.2 Maps are indicated in the tree of the tournament for the 1st round. For the BO3, the players choose the vetoes before to play, then the loster one will choose the next map.
D.3 The mappool is :
-Blistering Sands
-Steppes of War
-Desert Oasis
-Scrap Station
-Lost Temple
-Kulas Ravine

E. Players and observers.

E.1 The participants and the spectators make a commitment to behave correctly. Any insult or aggressive behavior will be punished.
E.2 The mode "referee" is forbidden. The mode observer is authorized if and only if both opponents agree.
E.3 It is forbidden to communicate with a participant when he plays an official match.
E.4 The player cannot communicate with somebody else when he plays an official match.
E.5 In case of inconvenient lags, the observers have to disconnect at once not to hamper the match.

F. Tournament.

F.1 From the seeding, the players will be distributed in a tree with single elimination.
F.2 The winner of the game have to enter his result on the website Pandaria.
F.3 One of the players will host the game. If no agreement is found, the players can appeal to a third person, who will be in mode "observer".

G. Requests.

G.1 In case of some complaint, take screenshots or replays to show them to the admins of the tournament.
G.2 The administrator of the tournament reserves the right to change this regulation before the beginning of the tournament if a particular situation imposes it.

.: This reglement is the property of Pandaria-Wars:.
.: Every person wishing to copy the regulation or a part will have to make the demand:.


Saison :
Status : Affichage
Journée : Journée 5
Arbitre :

Division 1

# Equipe Pts J. G. P. DIFF.
1. nB 18.0 5 4 1 7
2. МWS 11.0 5 2 2 -2
3. ADDICT 16.5 6 3 2 2
4. CpL 12.5 5 2 3 1
5. aW A 7.0 4 1 3 -5

Division 2

# Equipe Pts J. G. P. DIFF.
1. ADDICT 2 15.5 4 4 0 7
2. ØC 14.0 5 3 2 1
3. Melt Bdx 8.0 4 1 3 -2
4. Daerie 9.0 5 1 4 -5
5. WRush 6.0 4 1 3 -5

Division 3

# Equipe Pts J. G. P. DIFF.
1. InvasionFR 14.0 4 3 1 4
2. 17.0 5 4 1 5
3. FxL 10.5 4 2 2 2
4. ØC2 14.0 5 3 2 2
5. ADDICT 3 2.0 4 0 4 -10

Division 4

# Equipe Pts J. G. P. DIFF.
1. [Oursbl] 15.0 4 3 0 6
2. MWS2 15.0 5 3 2 1
3. ØC3 9.5 4 1 3 0
4. FFF 8.0 4 1 2 -3
5. Rst 6.0 4 1 3 -5

Division GLHF Wars

# Equipe Pts J. G. P. DIFF.
1. ØC4 13.0 4 3 1 6
2. WYG 2 12.5 4 3 1 4
3. RstE2 1.5 4 0 4 -10



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